China is a large agricultural country, consequently, agricultural power plays an essential part in its electric power development. In order to better apply electric power to production and economy for farmers, CHAMPON Electric, as rural power grid advances, pays close attention to the stability, practicality and economical efficiency of distribution network, and takes further actions to reinforce the application of advanced technologies and equipment in combination with the actual situations, so as to build a more stable and reliable rural power grid.

  • status quoproblem

    At present, China keeps a very low distribution record of rural power grids, and faces severe difficulties in dealing with aging equipment, insufficient distribution area of substation, unreasonable design of grid structure, low disaster prevention capability, and easily-occurred seasonal and periodic overload.

  • solveProgram

    Energy-saving and cost-reducing intelligent control scheme

    Products involved: on-load regulating capacity and voltage distribution transformer

    Scheme feature:

    Generally, the rural power grids are largely consumed in the Spring Festival and busy farming seasons, the load rate is very low for most of the time, and the load peak-valley difference is relatively large. On-load regulating capacity and voltage transformer produced by CHAMPON Electric is particularly applicable to places featuring with strong electricity seasonality, high load fluctuation, concentrated electricity consumption and low annual average load rate, including rural areas and tourist attractions.

    Technical characteristics:

    Automatic regulating capacity: according to load conditions, the transformer terminaAutomatic regulating capacity: according to load conditions, the transformer terminal can automatically adjust the capacity, which can effectively solve the contradiction on high no-load loss of large-capacity distribution transformer and unsafe operation of small-capacity distribution transformer due to the large load peak-valley difference.

    Automatic voltage control: according to the load voltage, the transformer terminal can automatically judge and operate the tap switch for voltage increase/decrease, thus stabilizing the voltage falls on the qualified range, improving the voltage eligibility rate and power quality, extending service life, and solving over-limit voltage during load peak-valley period of the distribution network.