With the advancement of social and economic development, the distribution network will be spread to every corner of the city, during which, the city will be surely developed from the original decentralized construction to the centralized planning of residential community, and the real estate construction will be transformed from meeting the needs to providing electrified, informationalized, comfortable and intelligent services; a large number of industrial and commercial enterprises and production parks have also moved their development forward in a large-scale and intensive manner, therefore, abundant and stable power has become a major driving force for their economic growth.

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    Residential area voltage fluctuations are large, and it is prone to low annual averageSince the voltage in residential areas is largely fluctuated, low annual average load rate, large load peak-valley difference, and greatly-changed load in the days or holidays are easily encountered, resulting in a large increase in power load in a short time; in addition, the distribution capacity of numerous enterprises can no longer meet the production and management requirements, and it will also be affected by the peak season of the order. Therefore, its load could be greatly fluctuated, which may cause workshop outage due to overload trip, further affecting the production and management.

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    Targeted solution to overload
    Products involved: High overload distribution transformer

    Scheme feature: CHAMPON Electric is one of the earliest enterprises in China in the development of high overload distribution transformers. As its representative innovative product, the high overload distribution transformer can perfectly solve the overload operation, delay the capacity-increase cycle and effectively reduce the transformation cost of distribution network. Simultaneously, it also indirectly saves the basic electricity fees paid by the enterprise, that is, the fees of transformer capacity, so as to maximize the economic benefits.

    Technical characteristics: after special process treatment, the cabinet, wire, transformer oil, oil passage and heat sink of high-temperature resistant and high overload transformer developed by CHAMPON Electric have been upgraded in an all-round way. In addition, the design of corrugated tank, oil level gauge and appearance has been licensed as national patent. Besides, the transformer also introduces high overload transformer oil (ignition point: 188℃) and Nomex® premium insulating materials purchased from DuPont, a strategic partner of the company. In short, the high-temperature resistant and high overload transformers manage to shoulder a more powerful overload resistance capacity. At peak hours of electricity consumption, it can withstand longer overload running with no service life being affected.