In recent years, the development of new energy vehicles is surprisingly vigorous, which drives a powerful rise in the charging pile industry. Following the development of the times, CHAMPON Electric works out to take full advantage of the new energy, and provides integrated distribution solutions for supporting projects of charging pile such as electric vehicles, and electric buses, making contributions to urban green travel.

  • status quoproblem

    In the past two years, the infrastructure such as charging piles is relatively backward, which has become increasingly prominent. To achieve the national plan of "appropriately advanced, vehicle-pile, intelligent and efficient" charging infrastructure system in 2020 and to meet the charging requirements of up to 5 million electric vehicles, the charging piles need to be equipped with more professional and advanced distribution transformers.

  • solveProgram

    Products involved: Intelligent containerized substation

    Scheme feature: based on the research and development strength in regard to the transformer of CHAMPON Electric for years, the built-in communication module of the transformer of the container charging station can upload monitoring data about the environment and equipment status in a real-time manner, and carry out real-time monitoring of the equipment through the cloud platform, thus completely reducing the management cost, and improving management efficiency.

    The whole-course and all-round intelligent monitoring can realize the intelligent management ranging from the intelligent operation/maintenance of the distribution system to the charging, providing simple and direct self-management services for the management of the entire parking lot. The intelligent containerized substation is characterized with flexible combination, convenient transportation, mobilization and installation, short construction period, low operating cost, small floor space, no pollution, and maintenance free.

    Technical characteristics:

    Multiple power systems can realize unified design of distribution system with strong scalability;

    It provides conventional high voltage, transformer, low voltage + charging pile solution, and adds a measuring cabinet on the high-voltage side;

    The low-voltage spare cabinet can be multiply used, such as AC charging;

    With semi-modular design, high voltage, transformer and low voltage, as well as charging system are independent of each other and can be replaced locally;

    Integrated design can effectively reduce line loss.