After-sales service 1324 customers enjoy the service, providing worry-free protection

  • 1 hour response

    If the product has technical problems during operation, the company can provide professional technicians to carry out on-site troubleshooting, and promises 1 hour response, 2 hours on-site (area with after-sales service points), and 4 to 8 hours in other areas.

  • 3 packs

    The company implements the quality “three guarantees” for the products, that is, if the products have quality problems within one year (except for force majeure such as man-made damage or natural disasters), they are responsible for the return, repair and replacement.

  • 24-hour maintenance

    Provide 24/7 emergency repair and maintenance service to ensure the normal operation of the product in the shortest time.

Training Services

For the company's product installation and power supply acceptance, we will provide technical training and on-site guidance free of charge according to the customer's situation, to help customers understand and familiar with the product use and maintenance knowledge.

consultation service

Customers can contact the company by telephone, WeChat public number, official website message, etc., and even directly connect with scientific experts to obtain the best decision-making basis and product plan.

Value-added services

The company provides customers with a full-time follow-up service from a dedicated or dedicated team, from consulting, product solutions, design, procurement to after-sales maintenance, to provide one-stop service to ensure customer satisfaction.

Custom service

The company can tailor products and solutions according to different needs of customers.

Addition and upgrade services

After purchasing the products of Zhongpeng Electric, after the expiration of the warranty period, regardless of whether the purchaser chooses the maintenance supplier separately, we will provide the spare parts required at a preferential price.

quality promise:
Ensure that the products supplied are in the correct installation, normal use and maintenance conditions, and their service life is within the national required period. Fully implement the company's quality policy (to serve customer satisfaction as the goal).
Strengthen quality management, improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the market, continue to provide satisfactory products to users, and timely handle user opinions.


  • Foshan area

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  • Shenzhen area

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  • East Guangdong

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  • Western Guangdong

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  • Guangxi area

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  • Guizhou area

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  • Yunnan area

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  • Central China

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  • North China

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  • User channel

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