Con el objetivo de ser el "líder" de la industria, Zhongpeng asume la reunión de estándares del grupo de ésteres naturales

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In the past two years, natural ester transformers have risen strongly in China, causing strong Concerns, the industry generally believes that its development prospects are very broad. Faced with such a vigorous development trend, the establishment and continuous improvement of the natural ester industry standard system is the trend of the times. Recently, the "Natural Ester Insulating Oil Power Transformer" series group standard solicitation meeting was held in Guangzhou, and Zhong Peng's technical director Dr. Han Baojia led the technical team.

The conference was hosted by the Power Industry Standardization Technical Committee for Power Transformers,< Strong style="list-style-type :none;list-style-image:none;border-width:0px;border-style:initial;border-color:initial;vertical-align:baseline;background:none 0% 0% repeat scroll #FFFFFF;outline-width :0px;outline-style:none;text-size-adjust:none;max-width:100%;box-sizing:border-box;color:#333333;font-family:Optima-Regular, PingFangTC-light;font -variant-numeric:normal;letter-spacing:0.544px;line-height:30.8px;text-align:justify;text-indent:28px;widows:1;word-wrap:break-word !important;">by Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau Co., Ltd. Electric Power Test Institute and Guangdong Zhongpeng Electric Co., Ltd. jointly hosted, China Electric Power Institute of Research and Development, Guangdong Electric Power Grid Co., Ltd. Electric Power Research Institute, Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau Co., Ltd. Electric Power Test Institute and other institutions and enterprises attended.

Zhongpeng is one of the earliest companies in China to develop natural ester transformers, has accumulated a wealth of research experience. At the meeting, Zhongpeng, as the only company to report, made a special discussion on Zhongpeng natural ester transformers, showing the experts and peers of Zhongpeng the enterprise that explored and innovated.

(Dr. Han Baojia delivered a speech at the meeting )

Then the experts and business representatives from the conference held a heated discussion on standard writing and key technologies. Active at the meeting Suggestions,Includes constructive comments on the scope of standard applications, the selection of insulation systems, considerations for special design, test methods, and transformer packaging and transportation, to promote the final formulation of standards. Important contributions.

(Organized visit to China's first 110kV natural ester transformer)

nearly In the power distribution field, a large-scale wave of standard development has been set up. Zhongpeng has followed it and stood out from it, winning a great voice and competitive advantage. The implementation of the standardized development strategy is an important signal for Zhongpeng to accelerate the transformation of science and technology. Zhongpeng will continue to promote the standardization strategy and drive the development of the company and the entire industry with innovative technologies.